The Finals Racked Up 10 Million Players in Two Weeks

the finals players

In a monumental revelation, Embark Studios has confirmed that in just two weeks, The Finals secured a whopping 10 million players. That’s a huge number that’s capable of rivalling the likes of Call of Duty, and it’s a testament to the breakout power of this hectic, free-to-play shooter. It started with a dramatically popular beta period that entertained around 7.5 million players, and it culminated in 10 million players downloading the full game within two weeks of launch – and that number is climbing.

The Start of The Finals

The Finals is a hugely popular game that boasts unparalleled destructive potential, innovative ‘hero characters’, and more high-octane action than you can shake a stick at. It’s a massively enjoyable title with sumptuous visuals, a unique setting, and immense stability. There’s a reason it has managed to secure a staggering 10 million players since it was shadow-dropped by Embark Studios just weeks ago.

Of course, it helps that it is free to play, but that fact pales in comparison to how genuinely entertaining The Finals is.

There are huge expectations for this shooter, particularly in the realms of esports and competitive gaming. It’s perfectly poised to shake up those scenes, given that the game has been built to represent a spectator sport at the most fundamental level.

I’m going to make a wild prediction and say that 10 million players is just the floor for The Finals. This is a game that will make waves in the shooter space in the coming months.

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