Fortnite Player Survey Reveals Desired Collaborations

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A new Fortnite player survey has revealed an extensive list of collaborations that fans have requested for a long time.

The list mentions tie-ins for television, streaming series, video games, movies, celebrities and more. Some highlights include multiple characters from popular IP like Super Mario, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Final Fantasy.

The player survey information was shared on Twitter thanks to @ShiinaBR and @djlorenzouasset:

Naturally, this is only a player survey, so the collaborations are not concrete. But it does give fans a better idea of what to expect in the future.

Epic Games has already expressed interest in Super Mario, as revealed by Sax Persson during a recent interview. So, that may have more potential among the survey collaborations. But Nintendo could be difficult to win over.

Fortnite is often caught up with one collaboration or another. However, it continues to evolve well beyond cosmetic additions.

The game recently introduced Fortnite Festival and Rocket Racing. Also, the devs are actively responding to some of the technical changes that fans found divisive.

A recent patch promptly fixed up the movement changes following intense fan backlash. It adjusted the speed, animations and more. The team will also address the frustrating new Locker UI, sometime soon.

Now, fans can concentrate on some of the more relaxed updates again, including Fortnite’s signature collaborations.

The player survey mentions some genuine surprises that would expand the scope of these collaborations.

Some fans still didn’t notice their favorite characters, and there appears to be an emphasis on broader pop culture characters.

The section dedicated to anime, cartoon, and comic book characters is unexpectedly small. But it’s clear that Fortnite won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

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