Fallout London Gets Release Date and More Details

fallout london

Fallout London, the highly anticipated and ambitious Fallout 4 mod, has been given a release date by its development team, who also provided a lengthy update regarding the content coming as part of this enormous project. For years, Fallout London has been steadily built up by a dedicated team that’s not too dissimilar to a full-fledged dev studio. It’s arguably the biggest mod in the history of Bethesda Games Studios’ titles.

Fallout London Is Coming April 2024

In a 13-minute video, Fallout London is explored in full, with the development team showcasing the expansive and authentic map, which takes players to the heart of London, as well as various features and mechanics that are coming when the mod is released on April 23, 2024.

It was explained that the original map will feature fifteen real-world boroughs of London, painstakingly recreated for this impressive mod. There are hundreds of new items and elements that have been created from scratch for the Fallout London mod, including:

  • 121 weapons
  • 514 items of clothing
  • 29 races
  • 425 pieces of architecture
  • 203 consumables

With a revitalised UI, unique innovations such as the ‘Atta Boy’ handheld console, a new soundscape, more than fifty main quests, and full voice acting, it’s easy to see how Fallout London is being considered the most ambitious mod ever created for a Bethesda game.

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