GTA Fans Think They’ve Found Lucia’s Actor

lucia gta 6

Grand Theft Auto fans have been neck-deep in their investigations of the recent GTA 6 trailer that Rockstar suddenly dropped following a leak that revealed it ahead of time. In the latest twist, fans have reportedly discovered the identity of Lucia’s actor. Typically, the identities of these actors remain a secret until the final post, but owing to Lucia having some lines in the new trailer and the character model using the likeness of her actor, eagle-eyed gamers think they’ve tracked her down in real life.

And Lucia’s Voice Actor (supposedly) Is…

It has been suggested that Lucia’s voice actor is Manni L. Perez, an actor based in New York who bears a striking resemblance to Lucia in both voice and appearance. Perez, who has assumed roles across a range of television shows like Law & Order, Chicago P.D., The Blacklist, and Jessica Jones, did some voice work on Grand Theft Auto 5 more than a decade ago.

Here’s a clip of Perez speaking during a performance on a television show:

On Twitter, ‘LegacyKillaHD’ gave further credence to the claim, stating, ‘It’s her man, can confirm’ in a post.

Given that Grand Theft Auto 5 isn’t slated to be released until 2025 and the identities of the actors traditionally remain a secret until the games go live, it’ll likely be a while before we get definitive confirmation that Manni Perez is Lucia in GTA 6.

Now, let’s figure out who plays ‘Jason’.

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