Modern Warfare 3 Zombies is the ‘Best Rated Third Mode’ in a Decade, Says GM

Modern Warfare 3 Zombie Progression

In a new interview from Venturebeat, Call of Duty General Manager Johanna Faries says that “Modern Warfare…Zombies mode is probably the best rated ‘third mode’ in a decade”.

Modern Warfare Zombies seems to be one of the less divisive modes. Otherwise, the various technical and gameplay features have faced a lot of criticism.

However, Modern Warfare 3’s free access period has also quickly revived the debate over the current state of the game.

Players can try out a variety of multiplayer modes and playlists, including Modern Warfare Zombies. It may serve as the best incentive in the free trial for new players to finally jump in.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Sneaking

Modern Warfare Zombies has some decent mechanics and a friendlier pace that is more accessible for newcomers.

It’s still cooperative and certainly requires some strategy to win. But the stakes are lower, and the theme is more playful than hardcore military tactics.

The original Zombies gameplay in Call of Duty is iconic. So, it makes sense for the mode to make a big return. Even if it operates quite differently in Modern Warfare 3.

Johanna Faries admits in the new interview that some of the differences in the fresh Modern Warfare Zombies mode are “bets you’ve got to take”.

Fairies also explains that “she saw an opportunity to be more transparent” when she became General Manager. So, hopefully the devs will genuinely listen to fans.

Modern Warfare 3 certainly needs to adapt in order to win goodwill from longtime players, again.

This weekend’s free trial was accompanied by a decent patch with weapon rebalancing and bug fixes.

Notably, a Warzone update also addressed footstep audio, which any fan of the genre knows can mean life or death.

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