Doug Cockle Wants To Voice Geralt of Rivia Forever

geralt of rivia

There are a few voices in gaming that are instantly recognisable, and Doug Cockle’s rendition of the gruff, husky monster-slayer, Geralt of Rivia, is one of them. In a recent interview with IGN, Cockle stressed how he loves the character so much that he desires to ‘keep voicing Geralt until (he) can no longer voice anymore.’

Recently, it was suggested that Geralt of Rivia will have some kind of a presence in The Witcher 4, which is being developed by CD Projekt Red as we speak. For the time being, it’s known as ‘Polaris’, and it isn’t yet known in what capacity Geralt of Rivia will be featured – but Cockle made it clear that he hasn’t been contacted yet about reprising his role.

Forever and Ever

Doug Cockle last voiced Geralt of Rivia in 2016’s Blood and Wine, the last major expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. He’s returning as the iconic character in an upcoming animated series, but as for the games themselves, there’s no telling what’s coming next for Cockle.

In the interview with IGN, he said:

I would love to just keep voicing Geralt until I can no longer voice anymore. It’s just become such a part of me. I’m thrilled every time CD Projekt calls me up and says, ‘Hey, Doug, are you available for such and such?’ And my heart does a little flutter and leaps, and I go, ‘Yes, of course I am,’ because I love it so much.

Sadly, Cockle knows nothing about what’s happening inside CDPR at the moment. He pointed out that he’s not that close to the developers themselves, and instead of being an integral part of the studio, he’s more of a ‘satellite’ that spins around the company, waiting to be called up to provide his unique voice and superb acting talents.

Could you imagine anyone else voicing Geralt of Rivia?

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