New Elden Ring Expansion Details Possibly Leaked

Elden Ring Dragon Battle

According to a new leak, an upcoming collaboration between Elden Ring and Thrustmaster will “sync with the new Shadow of the Erdtree expansion” for an anniversary celebration.

This suggests that the next DLC could arrive around February 25th, which is when Elden Ring originally launched in 2022.

In addition to early images of the potential Thrustmaster controller designs for 2024, a second collaboration might be in the works for 2025. This release would also sync with another expansion or “major keybeat”.

The leaks originally appeared on a product page at DataBlitz, but the page was swiftly removed. Images that were backed up elsewhere were also promptly taken down. This adds to the potential validity of the leak.

Elden Ring community contributor @Ziostorm1 posted a clear look at everything in a new tweet:

Fans have quickly noted it would be strange if Elden Ring didn’t mention a big expansion coming as soon as February at The Game Awards.

However, there’s still room for an announcement this month. Elden Ring announcements have cut it pretty close, before. And it would certainly make for a terrific holiday gift.

Note that if the Thrustmaster collaboration is planning to sync with the expansion releases, the dates are hardly concrete.

The leaks could also be referring to announcement dates, rather than actual release dates. That would give the developers a lot more time to build hype for the next expansion.

The Thrustmaster controllers will be limited edition, and they do look decent. The golden accents also match the Erdtree itself. The second collaboration concentrates on characters instead, including Malenia and Ranni.

However, the leaked images carefully reiterate that Thrustmaster is “open to changes” for the controller designs.

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