The Finals’ Use Of AI Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon

The Finals AI

Embark Studios’ The Finals has been a popular game for players, not only since its launch on December 7 but even during various betas prior. However, it hasn’t been a game without controversy due to the company’s use of AI for voiceovers in The Finals as opposed to actual voice actors.

In a new interview with Game Developer, Embark Studios’ brand director Sven Grundberg says that the studio read the talk happening surrounding the use of generative AI. However, he wanted to clarify not only how it’s being used, but why the studio will continue to use it moving forward.

“We saw the discussion happening, and one of the reasons we discussed it from the onset [on the developer podcast] was because we have been super transparent about the use of AI-based TTS (text-to-speech) in the game,” Grundberg said.

“One thing that we want to make really clear in terms of how we use those tools in The Finals is that we use a combination of recorded voice actors and AI-based TTS that is based on contracted voice actors, we don’t generate voice and video from thin air.”

Grundberg added that by using generative AI for voiceovers, it allows Embark to “work better and faster, and do more with less”. He says that the studio’s ability to embrace the new tools available to them allows them to put extra focus on things like environmental design, animations, gameplay, and more.

It’s just a case of following the technology.

“I think with these new tools, they’re not going to go away,” he said. “The important thing for us is to be transparent about the way we use them. That’s the context we want to provide, going forward.”

The Finals is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

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