Twitch Has Flip-Flopped Again On Nudity Rules


Well, that was fast. On Wednesday, Twitch revealed an overhaul to its nudity policies that relaxed rules across the streaming platform. It was a loosening of the law that saw a rampant trend kick off almost instantly, with thousands of channels showing off all manner of suggestive, lewd, and sexual content that would have previously been bannable under the original ruleset.

Now, Dan Clancy, the tech titan’s CEO, has revealed that the rules are changing again. They’re going back to where they were, with Twitch once again prohibiting ‘depictions of real or fictional nudity’ across the site, ‘regardless of the medium.’

Just Make Up Your Minds

Twitch has bent and broken under the weight of the community. First, the rules saw countless female streamers ‘unnecessarily punished’ for how they broadcasted their content, so there was a change put in place to avoid that and to be more lenient with nudity and sexualised content on the platform.

That caused further backlash, so the site’s leaders have decided to flip-flop back and revert to the original ruleset. It took just two days to reach this decision. Here’s what Dan Clancy said in the post on the Twitch blog:

However, there also was a great deal of new content that was allowed under the updated policy. Much of the content created has been met with community concern. These are concerns we share. Upon reflection, we have decided that we went too far with this change. Digital depictions of nudity present a unique challenge–AI can be used to create realistic images, and it can be hard to distinguish between digital art and photography.

But that’s not all!

Clancy explained that there’s a review happening right now that’s taking a closer look at the site’s Community Guidelines.

So, in a few days, we might see another change taking place on Twitch.

It’s a nightmare.

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  1. Just shut twitch down already and let these idiot streamers go get real jobs! The girls can do the same or do porn.

    1. Probably will the site makes no money if anything Amazon could charge Kick more money for using their services instead of running a drain like Twitch

  2. The CEO needs to be fired after this you can’t be this dumb if anything I can see Amazon shutting Twitch down over this. It’s unnecessary drama and this scares their investors and advertisers it was never a good move. Everyone involved in this should face some consequences the CEO of course and then the idiots who influenced him like Asmongold who should lose all endorsements. I hope Adin at least keeps him banned from Kick I can tolerate Neon and Adin but that guy is just so full of shit

  3. It was always a stupid idea you scare advertisers away and it brings negative attention to Amazon not to mention the recent lawsuits against Meta would make Amazon a target next for the same thing.

  4. Twitch is trash, YouTube only cares about shorts the only option is Kick and that only makes sense if you have a contract. Anyone want a Kick deal better take it now and they can leverage exclusivity over the other 2 because they’re the only 1 offering a contract. Kai Cenat, iShowSpeed, Ludwig, Dr Disrespect, and Jynxzi better take those contracts now. The e-thots can come over too be outright naked.

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