Tarkov’s ‘Fire Sale’ Event Is Live Now – Wipe Thursday?

tarkov wipe

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (well, technically it’s twice a year). In Escape From Tarkov, the ‘Fire Sale’ event is live – all traders are automatically pushed to the maximum level for all players, and every item that’s available to buy sits at a bargain price of just a few dollars or roubles. That means that you can kit up to your heart’s desire and enter each raid armed to the teeth.

Typically, this event goes live in Tarkov a day or two before the wipe, and traditionally, Escape From Tarkov wipes on a Thursday, so if you put two and two together…

Wipe Thursday?

It seems like the next Tarkov wipe is due to land in just a day or two, with Battlestate Games pushing live one of the most entertaining events in the game – the Fire Sale. If you log into Tarkov right now, you’ll see that every trader has hit the maximum level and you’ll be able to build the best weapons and acquire top-tier equipment for next to nothing.

It’s the end times – the ultimate sign that Escape From Tarkov is about to undergo that global reset that pushes everyone back to level pegging.

With the wipe, Battlestate Games will introduce a host of new features, quality-of-life improvements, mechanics, and map expansions. There will be new weapons, boss tweaks, movement amendments, and much more. Recently, BSG published an extensive roadmap that revealed everything that’s set to arrive in this wipe and beyond.

What are you waiting for? Prepare to escape!

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