Huge Tarkov Update Reveals New Weapons, Wipe Info, and Roadmap

Battlestate Games has gone on a social media spree, revealing upcoming weapons, quality-of-life improvements, changes, and – most importantly – a 2023 roadmap, all wrapped up in a series of Tarkov updates. It has been a fantastic day for fans worldwide, as this showcase of upcoming content has uncovered so much that the community has been waiting for.

It was revealed in the roadmap that the next Tarkov wipe is taking place in August – and there are rumours circulating that it’ll be rolled out on the 28th of the month. It was also confirmed that the wipe after that will be in December – which we’d come to expect.

What’s Coming in the Next Tarkov Update?

In the impressive roadmap, plenty of content was revealed – and players won’t have to wait long to get their hands on it. There’s a considerable amount coming to Escape From Tarkov even before the next wipe hits, with Battlestate Games revealing the following:

  • Loadout presets
  • Randomised container spawns
  • Enhancements to the healing menu
  • Streets expansion
  • New weapons: SVT, PKM, AK-12, Sawed-Off, PM Pistol
  • New Boss – Kaban

Along with that new content, Battlestate also confirmed that there will be a wide range of changes coming in terms of balancing, recoil mechanics, AI behaviour, and trading. There are also enhancements being made to the hideout.

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But it doesn’t end there.

Between August and December, following the next Tarkov wipe, we’ll be getting:

  • Armour customisation (plates)
  • Vaulting
  • Mounting of weapons
  • BTR on Streets
  • Lightkeeper Trader
  • ‘Shoulder-swapping’
  • New weapons: RPD, SCAR GL, SIG Spear, 9A91, VSK-94
  • New Boss
  • Achievement System

And if that wasn’t enough, it was also stated that, as time goes on, Battlestate will continue to work on the new Unity upgrade, performance of the client, enhancement to the anti-cheat systems, and an all-new matchmaking platform.

Are you excited for the next Escape From Tarkov wipe?

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