Latest Tarkov Event Opens Labs For Free – And For Scavs

the lab tarkov

It’s a pre-wipe event that we’ve already seen before, but Battlestate Games has rolled out another update that has now opened up Labs for everybody – for free -and it’s now also accessible to scavs. That means you’ll be able to take part in no-holds-barred player-vs-player combat, scrapping with Raiders to your heart’s content.

At the moment, the next Tarkov wipe date isn’t clear, but there are expectations that it’ll arrive towards the middle or the end of August. It was just a few days ago that Battlestate Games revealed a massive development roadmap for Escape From Tarkov, and it was packed full of upcoming content – and it also confirmed the periods for the next two wipes: August and December.

Are You Heading to Labs?

Let’s face it, Labs is one of those maps that some players will go thousands of hours without ever touching. It’s a breeding ground for Chad-like combat and it encourages rats to fester in every corner – it’s undoubtedly one of the toughest Tarkov maps to survive on, and it’s the only map that has an entry requirement – and restrictions.

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Now, thanks to the latest pre-wipe event, Battlestate Games has removed those restrictions and requirements, making Labs open to all comers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fresh little Timmy or a LL62 Super Chad rocking nothing but the meta – there’s now a place for you in The Lab.

Are you gearing up to get involved, or will you try running a scav in Labs and scoring some high-tier equipment for the grand price of absolutely nothing?

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