Modern Warfare III Logo Is Leaked in Captain Price Monster Promo

modern warfare iii

It has been alluded to by Activision, but it hasn’t yet been confirmed – Modern Warfare III is on the horizon, and today, the big reveal comes one step closer. It was revealed minutes ago that promotional Monster Energy packaging has leaked the logo for Modern Warfare III, as well as showing imagery of Captain Price and a mysterious red figure lurking in the background.

Oh, It’s Coming Soon

We reported exclusively on the news that Call of Duty 2023 will be titled ‘Modern Warfare III’ back in May, and since then we’ve expanded those reports to include dates that our sources have revealed regarding beta and potential release dates for Modern Warfare III.

Now, it seems that the iconography for the game has been revealed, and it looks – well, see for yourself:

This leak comes from algebra_sloth on Twitter, and it reveals a campaign that’s set to reward players for consuming Monster Energy. It was just a couple of months ago that Monster Energy was revealed as a key sponsor for the Call of Duty League, but there have long been ties between the energy beverage brand and Call of Duty as a franchise.

As branding goes, it’s not the most inventive logo, and it’s kind of reminiscent of Black Ops III’s title, but we’ll take it. There’s plenty that we can take away from this image, right down to the colour palette – is the move away from ‘night-vision green’ to the dark, foreboding red an indicator of darker times to come for the Modern Warfare franchise?

There are also signs on the imagery that show Captain Price literally crumbling as he’s stared at from behind by a shady, unrecognisable figure. It’s intense, that’s for sure.

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