Exclusive – Call of Duty 2023 Named “Modern Warfare 3”

Insider Gaming sources have revealed that this year’s Call of Duty title will be called Modern Warfare 3 (Modern Warfare III). The title is in development by Sledgehammer Games (via Jason Schreier), but it’s understood to be supported by various other Call of Duty studios, just like its predecessors.

It’s been widely reported that Call of Duty 2023 was a “premium DLC” for Modern Warfare 2 and although that was the case at one time, this year’s title is a fully-fledged sequel to Modern Warfare 2. Modern Warfare 3 will feature campaign, multiplayer, zombies, and a new Warzone 2 map during the title’s first season.

Las Almas, the map found within the Modern Warfare 2 campaign will be Modern Warfare 3’s fully-fledged Battle Royale map. It’s understood that the map will launch during Season 1 – Which is currently penciled in to launch at the beginning of December.

For Modern Warfare 3 zombies, several sources have said that the mode is essentially an Outbreak 2.0. It’s understood that Activision is currently weighing the possibilities on if the mode should be a part of the premium title or not, or if it makes more sense for the mode to be a free-to-play experience.

Modern Warfare 3 Key Dates

  • Beta weekend 1 (PS4/PS5) – October 6, 2023 – October 10, 2023
  • Beta weekend 2 (PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S/PC) – October 12, 2023 – October 16, 2023
  • Campaign Early Access (PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S/PC) – November 2, 2023
  • Full Release (PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S/PC) – November 10, 2023
  • Season 1 Launch / New Warzone Map – December 5, 2023

Are you excited to play Modern Warfare 3?

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