Warzone 2 “Las Almas” Map Found in Modern Warfare 2 Easter Egg

It’s been heavily rumored that a second map named “Las Almas” will be Warzone 2’s second Battle Royale map.

Las Almas is featured in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign, featuring a massive city with mountains, buildings, rivers, and even an airport. In multiplayer, the map is also featured as a 6v6 map called Mercado Las Almas.

Insider Gaming, with the help of Twitter user @just4leaks2, has found a Modern Warfare 2 Easter Egg within the campaign that could confirm the rumor that a second Battle Royale map is in development.

A map of Las Almas can be found during the Modern Warfare 2 mission “El Sin Nombre”, which looks strikingly like a Battle Royale map.

The map can be found on the table behind Diego before you take him out.

Last year, sources were able to provide me with an early look at the Battle Royale map Al Mazrah and this potential Las Almas Easter Egg looks like the same sort of concept-based art.

At the same, as rumors circulated that the DMZ was going to feature 4 individual maps, sources were able to confirm that a second Battle Royale map was in development, which was also being used for the DMZ.

The map seemingly features everything you’d expect to see from a Call of Duty Battle Royale map, including densly built-up areas, rivers, elevated areas, and more.

Unfortunately, it’s probably going to be a while until we know if Las Almas is coming to Warzone 2 or not, but at the moment it seems like a huge possibility.

Do you think this is our first look at Las Almas in Warzone 2?

Warzone 2 and the Al Mazrah map are scheduled to release on November 16, with the addition of Warzone 2’s new DMZ mode called the Deployment Zone.

It’s also been claimed that Warzone 2 will be getting a new resurgence map in 2023, whilst Insider Gaming sources have suggested that the original Warzone will be renamed to “Warzone Caldera” following Warzone 2’s launch.