Warzone 2 Map to be Called “AL MAZRAH”

Exclusively reported via Tryhardguides, Warzone 2’s new Battle Royale map will be named “Al Mazrah”, which translates to “the farm” in Arabic. In addition to the map name, Tryhardguides has also revealed that the map will have 18 individual POI locations coming to the new map.

  • Oasis
  • Wartorn – Now called “Taraq Village”
  • Quarry
  • Oilfield – Now called “Rohan Oil”
  • Modern City – Now called “Al Mazrah City”
  • Caves
  • Dam – Now called “Hydroelectric”
  • Marshes – Now called “Marshlands”
  • Harbour – Now called “Port”
  • Sira – Now called “Sa’id City”
  • Observatory
  • Mountain Town – Now called “Al Sharim Pass”
  • Graveyard – Now called “Cemetery”
  • Oldtown – Now called “Abkdar Village”
  • Shipwreck – Now called “Sawah Village”
  • Fishtown – Now called Sarrif Bay”
  • Fort – Now called “Fortress”
  • Airport

It’s understood that some of these locations will be from the original Modern Warfare series, with the likes of Airport being “Terminal” from Modern Warfare 2.

The leaked names come just hours prior to the official reveal of Warzone 2, Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, Call of Duty Mobile, DMZ, and more as a part of COD NEXT.

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