PlayStation 5’s Hardware Timeline to Holiday 2024

Sony has been testing, prototyping, and releasing many different new pieces of hardware for the PlayStation 5 as of late. In this console generation, we’ve already seen three subtle variations of the PlayStation 5 (to reduce its weight), the DualSense Edge (reported by myself via TryHardGuides in 2022), and the PlayStation VR2. But it doesn’t seem like Sony is slowing down anytime soon, with further six new pieces of hardware in various stages of development.

Project Leonardo

Project Leonardo is the only announced piece of hardware on our list. First announced in January 2023, Leonardo is a highly customizable accessibility controller that will allow players with disabilities to play more easily.

Sony says that the controllers have been developed “with key contributions from accessibility experts, community members, and game developers”.

Leanardo is highly customizable, allowing players to craft their controller to their own needs. The controller includes a robust kit of swappable components, including a variety of analog stick caps and buttons in different shapes and sizes.

Expected Release Date: Q4 2023

New PlayStation 5 Console

If you’re following Insider Gaming regularly, then you’re probably already sick of hearing about the new PlayStation 5 with a detachable disc drive that should release later this year. Although reports have dubbed the new PlayStation 5 as the PS5 Slim, Insider Gaming understands that the console will be almost identical to the PlayStation 5 but feature a detachable disc drive. In fact, it’s understood that the new PlayStation 5 will completely phase out the old design within a year.

Although not confirmed by sources, we would hope to see the console revealed at the next PlayStation Showcase, but as you’ll see with other hardware in this list, it’s possible that the console could be revealed with some other hardware at a later date.

Expected Release Date: September 2023

New Audio Hardware

As Insider Gaming exclusively reported in February, Sony is currently working on two new wireless audio devices for the PlayStation 5. Project Nomad (wireless earbuds) and Project Voyager (wireless headset) are expected to release by the end of FY23 (March 2024), but exact release dates and prices at unclear.

Expected Release Date: End of FY23

Q Lite (Handheld Accessory)

Believe it or not, Sony is working on a new handheld device. But don’t get ahead of yourself, because it isn’t a successor to the Vita 2.

On a more personal level, I’ve had a lot of time to digest what exactly this new piece of hardware is going to be and to be honest, it’s more of an accessory if anything else. Only using Remote Play with the PlayStation 5, the handheld will feature adaptive streaming up to 1080p and 60FPS.

The Q Lite will look just like the DualSense controller but have a large screen in the middle and one of its main features and assumed selling points will be the incorporation of haptic feedback – Just like with the DualSense.

Once again, we hope to see this at the next PlayStation Showcase, but Sony might opt for a separate event to release its hardware lineup.

Expected Release Date: Q4 2023

PlayStation 5 Pro

It’s been a hot topic of discussion as of late, but yes, Insider Gaming has previously revealed that Sony does have a PlayStation 5 Pro in development. Our report in March was dismissed as being inaccurate by many when it was first reported and although the PlayStation 5 Pro could be canceled at any given time, Insider Gaming can report with a 100% degree of certainty that the PlayStation 5 Pro is currently in development.

Whilst we cannot report on any more specifics at this time, we understand that the first dev kit prototypes will be going to 1st party developers within the next couple of months, with 3rd party developers receiving them by the end of the year.

Expected Release Date: Q4 2024 (Tentative)

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  1. I’m going to say this to you inside our gaming Tom Henderson there is not going to be a PlayStation PS5 Pro so I don’t know not know where you getting your information from but PlayStation is going to focus on the PlayStation 6 in and 2027 we’re going to focus on the ps6 in 2027 PlayStation and a YouTuber said that there is not going to be a PS5 Pro because PlayStation’s focusing on the ps6 not the PS5 Pro so I don’t know why you’re getting your sources but Sony never mentioned anything about it and never came out of PlayStation’s lips never came out of PlayStation’s mouth about a A PS5 Pro so you need to stop lying to Gamers and saying that there’s a PlayStation is going to be on PS5 Pro there’s not going to be a PS5 Pro it’s only going to be a PS5 Gen 2 that’s it stop lying

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