EXCLUSIVE – PS5 Pro in Development, Could Release Late 2024

Insider Gaming sources have confirmed that the PS5 Pro is in development and could release with a tentative release date of late 2024.

Insider Gaming previously reported that a new PlayStation 5 with a detachable disc drive is scheduled to release later this year. It’s understood that this new model will phase out the current PlayStation 5 to cut down on production and shipping costs. In spite of the widespread reports, this is not the PS5 Pro model.

This is “just the beginning of new hardware coming to PlayStation users this generation”, said one source when talking about the detachable disc drive console.

As for what the PS5 specs will entail, details are limited. However, a recently-published patent by PlayStation architect Mark Cerny (spotted by @Onion00048) suggests that Sony Interactive Entertainment is looking to “accelerate” ray tracing performance in video games. 

Just like with the PS4 to the PS4 Pro, we can generally guess pretty confidently that the PS5 Pro will have increased visuals, performance, and speeds. But as for leaked details, we’ll have to wait until a later date to release those.

Insider Gaming understands that the next generation of the PlayStation, the PS6, is unlikely to release until at least 2028. This would put the current generation console release schedule in line with its predecessors.

In February, industry insider Jeff Grubb said during the Game Mess Decides podcast that Sony was planning to host a new PlayStation Showcase “before E3”. Although Insider Gaming cannot corroborate this report at this time, we do anticipate that it’s very likely that a showcase is on the horizon to show off games including Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and talk about its new hardware coming towards the end of 2023.

As for if the PS5 Pro makes sense remains to be seen. The current generation console market has seemingly only just stabilized following the chip shortages and developers still need to release past-generation to sell more units. Sony is expecting a massive FY23 for console units sold though (of around 30.5 million units), so a massive phasing out of past-gen games in Spring 2024 is logical.

Do you think we need a PS5 Pro this generation?

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  1. Very interesting reporting! I think most were thinking no mid gen refresh this time. Do you think it would be possible for you to get any info about the supposed Switch successor and write a report on that?

  2. We don’t really need any pro model. From ps5, maybe, since the “next gen” stuff on the ps5 is made via software only.

    But apart from that, we don’t need any pro console. These are still far away from what they can give.

  3. I wonder what has changed from your comments made in January that there would not be a PS5 Pro (or unlikely). Are these different sources or the same? Why was this not mentioned or commented on in this article? Xbox left a bit in the tant. There Xbox Series X has 54 Compute Unites clocked at 1.8Ghz. A Dye shrink and a overclock would be not hard. You could also upgrade the CU’s a bit and replace the Zen2 with Zen 3+ (aka Ryzen 6000 in Laptop Gen) and have FPS boot having a newer gen CPU tech. PS5 Pro would have to be a completely new GPU Design and more Compute Unites, unless they go for RDNA3, which would make some sense, and may even have Zen4 CPUs on 5nm process. Given that other hardware leakers online say that there is no PS5 Pro or has been cancelled, and the recent comments made by Modern Vintage Gamer on his YouTube Channel, your source must have some sort of physical proof, some sort of document or pictures that you cannot show to even write the article. If you just have a DM from somebody, then the article is reckless. Also the fact that just mentioning the Patent and a Potential E3 show, just makes the case flimsy at best.

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