Exclusive – Sony is Developing Wireless Earbuds for The PS5

Insider Gaming sources have revealed that Sony is developing wireless earbuds and a new wireless headset for the PS5, both of which are scheduled to release towards the end of FY23 (April 2023 – March 2024).

The earbuds, named Project Nomad, will have an approximate battery life of around 5 hours, which is almost identical to Apple’s AirPods, but slightly less than Sony’s WF-1000XM3’s 6-hour battery life. Of course, just like almost all wireless earbuds on the market, the Nomad will come with a charging case that can be charged via a USB-C cable to the PlayStation 5. In addition, the same connection method will be used for the wireless earbud updates on the PS5.

As well as the earbuds, sources have also said that the company is developing a new wireless headset for the PlayStation 5, named Voyager, and is also aiming to be released at a similar time to Nomad. it’s understood that the Voyager headset has similar functionality to the Inzone H7 headset, but its price point is yet to be determined.

Although not confirmed by sources, what makes both products’ release dates particularly interesting is their proposed release date. Last year, Insider Gaming exclusively reported that Sony is developing a new PlayStation 5 with a detachable disc drive, which is expected to hit shelves in September 2023. If both scheduled release dates are met, it could suggest that Sony is planning a serious relaunch of sorts for the console.

The development of official PlayStation 5 wireless earbuds isn’t surprising, as gaming companies like Razer and Logitech have brought their own products to market in recent years.

Will you be purchasing Sony’s new wireless earbuds?

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  1. “it’s understood that the Nomad headset has similar functionality to the Inzone H7 headset, but its price point is yet to be determined.”

    That would be the Voyager? As the Nomad are the earbuds as per the article.

  2. I’ve seen an actual model of these earbuds from Sony but not for the PlayStation 5 so I am not inclined to believe this is real.

  3. FYI: simply sync your current earbuds via Bluetooth to your tv or surround system head unit. Your HDMI sends the sound out to tv or system. It’s no rocket science but nobody ever thinks of just bypassing the PS5 itself. My noise canceling earbuds sound amazing.

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