Sharp Announces It’s Making LCD Displays for “A New Console”

Sharp has announced in its latest earnings call that the company is making new LCD displays for “a new console”.

Sharp CEO Robert Wu said on Thursday that the Japanese firm has been working closely with an unnamed company on developing a gaming console since it was in the R&D phase.

Via Bloomberg, Wu told analysts after releasing quarterly earnings, “I can’t comment on any details regarding specific customers. But as to a new gaming console, we’ve been involved in its R&D stage.” Sharp has since removed mentions of the LCD displays from its earnings slides.

It’s unclear what the new console could be, but Sharp has had a long-standing relationship with Nintendo on past consoles. Seemingly the announcement coincides with an apparent Switch successor, which has been said won’t launch “before Spring 2024”. However, Nintendo moving from OLED back to LCD is a bit of a mystery, unless the LCD display is for a “Lite” version of the console.

Another possibility is that Sharp could be supplying the LCD screens for the new PlayStation handheld named the “Q Lite”. Exclusively reported by Insider Gaming at the beginning of April, the Q Lite is an accessory to the PlayStation 5, allowing players to play games with the handheld device via Remote Play. Prototypes of the Q Lite show that the device will feature a massive 8-inch LCD touchscreen in the center of essentially a DualSense controller.

That being said, it’s also entirely possible that the LCD screen is for something entirely different and yet unannounced.

Who do you think Sharp is supplying with these LCD screens?

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