AEW: Fight Forever Promotional Material Is Finished

AEW: Fight Forever

Announced almost two-and-a-half years ago, AEW: Fight Forever has been keeping fans waiting for any information about the game’s release. After originally being expected for release in 2022, the game has seen a few hiccups leading to delays. But those issues could finally be coming to an end with a release possibly being right around the corner.

Previously, it was reported by Fightful that material was filmed by talent earlier this year. But Insider Gaming has learned that AEW: Fight Forever all promotional material has been finished. Everything that needed to be shot has been done, and everything that had to be edited or updated is complete.

At this point, it’s simply waiting for a green light to begin the full promotion of the game aside from reminders during episodes of AEW television. Sources around the game’s promotional team, however, tell Insider Gaming that they haven’t been told anything about when that promotion will begin.

Recently, THQ Nordic’s global community manager Zyddies claimed that the game wasn’t “almost done”. This was despite comments by AEW owner Tony Khan and Executive Vice President Kenny Omega stating the opposite. That said, what is viewed as “done” by a publisher and a developer can be different things.

Insider Gaming sources have insisted that the game is ready from a development standpoint aside from ongoing bug fixes and updates that will be worked on all the way through launch and beyond.

Are you still excited for AEW: Fight Forever or has the interest passed you by?

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