Exclusive – F1 23 Will Feature New Car Upgrades, New F1 World Online Hub, And More!

F1 23 Details

F1 23 is coming this summer from EA Sports and Codemasters, and Insider Gaming has some exclusive first details about the annual racing title.

One of the largest new additions that Insider Gaming can confirm is the introduction of F1 World, which encompasses all online aspects of the game.

Also coming to the game this year is a new car upgrade system that sees players earn parts to change their vehicle’s attributes.

These upgrades, Insider Gaming sources say, can be earned through challenges and by winning races and meeting win conditions. Car performance in this mode will be labeled as “Tech Points”.

As you play, there will be strategists and sponsors that you contract out in order to benefit your team. As you race and complete challenges, you’ll earn money, tech points, and expertise. If you happen to get parts you don’t want to use, you can salvage them for extra money or expertise.

What Else Can You Expect From F1 23?

With modes, it’s been told to Insider Gaming that Braking Point is returning after a year off. The narrative-driven story mode made its debut in F1 21 before being removed in the first F1 game under the EA Sports umbrella.

Supercars, which made their debut in F1 22, remain in the game. However, it doesn’t appear that there are any additions to the feature. What won’t return this year are classic cars.

For those that want more customization of the look of your car, unfortunately, F1 23 won’t include a livery customizer. That said, the liveries available this year are much more professional and realistic looking.

On the circuit, players will notice an overhauled HUD and OSD presentation geared more toward F1 TV broadcasts. Speaking of circuits, Las Vegas appears as though it will be available to players at launch along with Qatar. Both Portimao and China also remain in the game’s files as of writing.

From a racing perspective, F1 23 introduces a new license system that will reward drivers for clean driving as well as for playing with fewer assists. It’s a more dynamic system that will adjust as you become more comfortable with the game.

There is also a new boost feature, though Insider Gaming wasn’t able to confirm exactly what that entails.

Lastly, F1 23 will have two prelaunch closed betas/playtests. The first will take place April 28-May 1 with the other happening May 19-22.

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  1. What about the gameplay itself? Thats the only part people care about.. have there been any engine or physics updates? Or is it all the same reskinned stuff from the past 10 games.

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