EXCLUSIVE – Fall Guys Season 10 to Launch Creative Mode in May

Epic Games Fall Guys

If you’re in the know with Fall Guys, you’ll already know that its creative mode, known to some as the Level Editor, has already been confirmed to release as a part of the next season update. However, speaking with sources, we’ve managed to pinpoint that the Fall Guys Season 10 launch with its introduction of creative mode will be on May 10, 2023 (as always give or take a day with such dates because of timezone differences).

The date may seem a little late to what players were expecting, but it’s understood that the update was internally slightly delayed from late April.

Creative mode in Fall Guys will allow people to create and design their own levels, which the hardcore fan base believes could install a fresh lease of life into the game.

Fall Guys has received criticism as of late for its lack of communication with its player base, which has been reflected by its massive decline in player numbers. Three years ago, the game peaked at 172,213 players on Steam, but now barely passes 3000 players on a daily basis according to SteamDB.

As for if Fall Guys can bring back its player base with its new creative mode remains to be seen, but it’ll be cool nonetheless to see what cool maps people create.

Are you looking forward to Fall Guys Season 10 creative mode?

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  1. While I’m sure the playerbase has decreased significantly, the numbers used are kinda silly. It’s comparing numbers playing on steam from when it was only available on steam and playstation to those when it hasn’t even available for download on steam for a little under a year and only available on other and more platforms.
    No new players are represented in those numbers..

  2. It’s worth saying that looking at steam numbers is hardly representative seeing as it hasn’t been available there since the F2P launch a while back when it went multiplatform.

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