EXCLUSIVE – Apex Legends Season 17 Event Details and Skins

Apex Legends Season 17 is already less than a month away, releasing on May 9th, 2023. Respawn is going full force once again with another three collection events for the new season, along with a brand new battle pass and an upcoming legend named Ballistic. Today, we have a first-hand look at some of the new skins coming for these events, along with the event code names and the skins that you can expect in each one.

The first event we know of in Apex Legends Season 17 is OP Neon, which will feature the Vantage Skin, sketched from the leaked model to protect the source’s identity. The details don’t give us much information about the theme of the event, but you can also expect skins for Ash, Caustic, Gibraltar, Lifeline, and, most exciting of all, the new Legend Ballistic, who will have a skin set for this event!

The second collection event of the season is currently codenamed Hitman and features the Mad Maggie skin, which we were able to color correctly due to the model having a finished color scheme. It features her sporting a short haircut, Aviator-themed sunglasses, and a type of almost biker/hitman-themed outfit. This event will also feature skins for Crypto, Horizon, Loba, Newcastle, and Revenant.

There will also be a Pyro event in Apex Legends Season 17, although, at this time, it is not known whether it will be a collection event or a store event. The first look will be this Octane skin, which features a similar face mask to the Caustic Pyro skin that will also be in this event, indicating that legends will have matching themed skins with others. There is an internal leak to the color scheme shown, but the source didn’t feel comfortable unblurring it, and we are left connecting the sketch with the blurred image. This will also feature the Lifeline Firefighter skin.

Season 17 will also feature a brand new battle pass with the current codename Mech and, according to in-game files, should feature legendaries for both Horizon and Wattson. Of course, there is also the Rivals event planned for season 17, featuring skins for Bangalore, Vantage, Revenant, Loba, Maggie, and the much-awaited Octane Heist Skin. If you want to see some leaks for this Rivals event, Insider Gaming did an article a month ago that you can find here, detailing those skins! 

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