EXCLUSIVE – Apex Legends Season 17 – Events, Skins, and More

With Apex Legends Season 17 scheduled to release on May 9th, Insider Gaming has the inside scoop on what to expect, including Season 17’s events, heirlooms, skins, and more.

For Season 17, we have three new events to look forward to, along with brand-new skins that have been sketched to protect the source.

This first image shows Revenant with a new faceplate and dressed in formal attire.

Secondly, a new Mad Maggie skin with a Norse Valkyrie-style theme, featuring wings and armor.

Additionally, there’s a Loba skin where she sports a facemask.

It’s understood that Rivals is set to launch in Season 17, along with several other events currently named Hitman, Neon, and Alien, as well as a Mech-themed Battlepass. Several other rival skins have been found in the files, including a Bangalore and a Vantage skin.

The most prized possession, of course, will be the Octane Heist Skin from the Lifeline STFO, with the addition of his traditional mechanical prosthetic legs. In the STFO, he still had his organic legs. The new legs for his Heist Skin feature a red filament and style to match the rest of the skin.

Insider Gaming has already reported that Season 17 is set to feature a new Royal Rumble mode – As well as reporting a firsthand look at what is being prepared for the season and its newest legend, Ballistic.

Overall, Apex Legends Season 17 is shaping up to be a huge season for the game.

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