Apex Legends Season 17 to Include New ‘Royal Rumble’ Mode (Details)

With Apex Legends Season 17 fast approaching and a release date of May 9th, teaser dates scheduled for April 13th, April 17th, and April 21st are currently planned. Thanks to new leaks exclusive to Insider Gaming, we get a firsthand look at what is being prepared for the season and its newest legend, Ballistic.

In typical Apex Legends fashion, as we have seen in the past, there will be magazines scattered for players to find in Battle Royale matches, and the most telling one features the upcoming legend with his trademark glasses that we have seen in so many leaks.

The first important thing to note is that the legend’s name “Ballistic” is actually the character’s nickname, as shown by his actual name, which is August Brinkman. The other important note here is the mention of “Rumble Royal,” alluding to a new LTM planned for the future of Apex Legends. If you’re familiar with Apex Legends leaks and rumors, you’ll know the Rumble Royal had already leaked in February.

It seems likely to make its appearance in season 17 and will feature a return to Solo Mode for the game. It will also include a host of new mechanics, such as no legend abilities whatsoever, and instead, consumables such as Stim to increase movement, a cloak to make you invisible for a short duration, EMP that will disable electronics and shields, Berserk which increases melee damage, and Swap which swaps your position with a random enemy. The cloaking ability is actually mentioned in the teaser image that will also be coming along with a snippet about rebirth.

Of course, with no loadouts and spawning with a random weapon and attachment, there will be modifiers that change the way your weapons work. There will be Ricochet where bullets will bounce off walls and surfaces, Explosive where bullets will explode on impact, Disruptor which already exists and does more damage to shields, Incendiary where bullets set enemies on fire, and Smart, which is a callback to Titanfall with a smart pistol that locks onto enemies.

With such major changes planned for Apex Legends Season 17, it seems the team at Respawn is continually coming up with new ways to change the pace of the game and add new ways to change the mechanics, whether it be a new legend or new modes to play!

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