How to Become a Game Playtester

Being a playtester is a great way to network with others and build up a portfolio if you want to eventually become a game developer.

Playtesting is the process of playing a game before its official release. Playtesters give their thoughts and opinions on the game, as well as provide any feedback on bugs they might encounter.

Playtesting is a good way to progress into Quality Assurance (QA), where you’re paid full-time for testing and ensuring a game is fit for release.

You can become a playtester by signing up at various sites, all of which will be included in this article. In addition, we’ve also provided additional details on how much you might be paid for playtesting games. Be warned; the compensation for the work is typically very small.

You can apply for playtesting at individual studios or at game testing agencies that test a variety of games from different studios.


EA’s playtest compensation payments are 1-4 EA games from its library.

Since the publication of this article, it seems like EA is now offering Gift Cards for participants in addition to games. We’ve currently seen EA offer 1 game and a $25 gift card by two people, but will accurately update the article once more corroboration is made.


  • Location: At home or in one of Ubisoft’s offices
  • Compensation: Free Games / Cash / Vouchers
  • Link to playtest signup:

Ubisoft’s playtest compensation payments vary from free games to 20 euros per hour.


Activision’s playtest compensation payments are at $40 per hour in AMAX Gift Cards for a 5-hour session.

Embark Studios

Embark Studios currently conduct playtests that are not compensated.

WB Games

WB Games playtest compensation payments are $100 for 5-6 hours in office.

Focus Entertainment

Focus’ playtest compensation payments vary from 40 to 75 euros per day (Vouchers).

Square Enix

Location: Redwood City offices / At home
Compensation: Gift vouchers
Link to playtest signup:

Square Enix playtest compensation payments range depending on the game. Typically ranges around $100 for 4 hours in the office or $50 for a single 1-hour session remotely.


Volition playtest compensation payments are typically around $15-$20 per hour in Visa giftcards or around $50 for a 3-hour session.


  • Location: Offices (around the world)
  • Compensation: Bethesda Swag bag of the game
  • Link to playtest signup: (currently unavailable)

Bethesda playtest compensation is usually compensated with swag bags of the game you played, but Bethesda will also compensate your travel expenses.


  • Location: Windsor offices
  • Compensation: 0
  • Link to playtest signup: Unavailable (invite only)

Konami will pay for your travel expenses but offers no other compensation.


Location: Bellevue offices
Compensation: $50 per hour gift card
Link to playtest signup:

Bungie will also offer a small compensation fee for traveling to the offices depending on your distance.

Deep Silver GamesLab

Location: Nottingham offices (UK)
Compensation: Cash
Link to playtest signup:

Deep Silver Gameslab playtesting takes place at Dambuster Studios in Nottingham, UK. Compensation is usually £50 for 6-8 hours of playtesting.


You can sign up for several different video game playtest agencies. Payments from these agencies range from $5 – $20 per hour depending on your location and the type of test.

Keywords Studios –
ModSquad –
Pole to Win –
Antidote –
Nordisk Games –

If you’ve playtested a game, or are a developer/publisher and it’s not on the list or you were compensated a different amount, please email [email protected] so we can keep the list as accurate and as up-to-date as possible!

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