Escape From Tarkov’s Latest ‘Pre-Wipe’ Event Is Pretty Awful

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Recently, Battlestate Games introduced an event to Escape From Tarkov that saw every boss in the game appear on certain maps at certain times – and it was fairly well received. It’s typically a sign that wipe (a full game reset) is about to hit – and it’s overdue, if we’re being honest.

However, that event was just replaced with something fairly awful that players are having a hard time coming to terms with. It’s essentially made a challenging game impossible, and many players are straight-up avoiding it because – quite simply – they cannot be bothered struggling with it.

When Is It Too Hard?

That’s what she said?

In the latest Tarkov event, players are tasked with eliminating twenty ‘PMCs’ while under the influence of the Obdolbos stim, which has been used in previous pre-wipe events to turn them into super-soldiers for a period of time.

This time around, the Obdolbos stim comes with a heavy toll – it boosts a player’s strength and endurance but it makes them take 1000% incoming damage for 1800 seconds. That’s thirty minutes for those that don’t want to do the math.

This essentially means that a spitball will devastate the average player. It ensures that everyone is basically walking around in a ‘one-shot’ state. So, while you’re out there killing your twenty PMCs, you’re unbelievably vulnerable – and everyone else not on the Obdolbos stim is effectively superhuman compared to little old you.

It’s an insane challenge that Tarkov veterans are soaking up, but the more casual players aren’t giving the time of day. Here are some sentiments from Twitter:

  • ‘So many people ratting today. Has to be because of stim event. Why would you move if you die to one shot? This event ain’t it chief.’ – BeardedTortle
  • ‘Dumbass event’ – matt94ryan
  • ‘Why would anyone be? It doesn’t even incentivise the player to do anything. It’s legit just normal Tarkov but on insanity mode. I play the game casually and I’ve done none of the new tasks for the event lmao’ – LighthouseRogue
  • ‘The boss event was FUN. Squad back online every single night and we had a blast! New event, not a single person will be interested in.’ – GoVpoe

What do you think? Are you excited to take part in the new Tarkov event or are you offline, patiently waiting for the game to wipe

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  1. I think they’re just trying to make the game challenging for their hackers

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