The $1 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Upgrade Deal Is Back

The $1 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Upgrade Deal Is Back

If you’ve been holding out upgrading to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, now might just be the time to do it. The $1 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate upgrade deal is back, though it is a bit different than in the past.

Originally, Xbox Live Gold members were able to convert their remaining subscription length to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for just $1 on a 1-1 rate. Microsoft ultimately removed that ahead of price changes to the service. However, the upgrade plan is now back for everyone worldwide just without the 1-1 conversion rate.

Instead, the upgrade uses a 3:2 ratio rounding up by a single day. That means if you have three months of Xbox Live Gold or PC Game Pass when you pay for the upgrade, it’ll convert to two months of the service.

According to Microsoft, members can have up to three years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate stacked at a time.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has been around since April 2019 and has included the service on both console and PC. Also included in the membership is Xbox Live Gold, allowing online multiplayer for users. Lastly, it gives players access to EA Play which gives access to a number of EA games.

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