Is Escape From Tarkov a Battle Royale?

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Escape From Tarkov has existed since 2016, and since it dropped way back then, it has remained in a beta state, with developer Battlestate Games constantly plugging the platform with content. For those not in the know, it may not be immediately clear, so in this feature, we’re answering an all-important question: “Is Escape From Tarkov a battle royale?”

For several years, Escape From Tarkov has remained relatively popular. With each new update, players flood the platform, it peaks on platforms like Twitch, and it remains high in the charts throughout the entire year.

But why?

Escape From Tarkov is what’s known as an extraction shooter – it involves players loading into a ‘raid’, looting, fighting enemies, and leaving again without being killed in battle. It’s so popular because it’s challenging, exhilarating, and realistic. There are no two raids that unfold in the same way, and it’s deeply satisfying when everything goes to plan.

It’s arguably the top game in the genre, it’s constantly being expanded by the developer, and as a multiplayer game, it’s immense fun. It’s also a gambling thing – when a player enters a raid and opens up ‘loot boxes’, they never know what they’ll find inside, and they want to just keep on going.

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So, is Escape From Tarkov a Battle Royale?

No – Escape From Tarkov is not a battle royale game. It’s an extraction shooter, as we’ve just mentioned.

But what’s the difference?

In an extraction shooter, the objective is to get in, loot up, and escape with your life. In a battle royale, the objective is to get in, fight enemies, and be the last player or team left alive in the game. In Escape From Tarkov, you can avoid fighting entirely and not fire a single bullet – the objective is to successfully leave the map.

There are elements of Escape From Tarkov that may make it seem like a battle royale. For instance, it’s PvPvE focused, it features large, open maps, there’s lots of ground loot to pick up, and there are mini-tasks to complete around every map.

But it must be said quite clearly – Escape From Tarkov is not a battle royale game, and it likely never will be.

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Escape From Tarkov is available exclusively on PC