When Is State of Decay 3 Releasing?

when is state of decay 3 releasing

If there’s one universal constant in the gaming industry, it’s that titles set amidst a zombie apocalypse will always do well. There’s something deeply entertaining and intriguing about a world ravaged by zombies, and it essentially guarantees there’s a never-ending supply of games set in that vein. In this guide, we’re looking at one of the most highly-anticipated zombie games, answering an all-important question: when is State of Decay 3 releasing?

What Is State of Decay 3?

That’s a fair question – it has been a while since the second game, so you’d be forgiven for not immediately knowing what State of Decay 3 is.

In 2013, the first State of Decay game was launched, developed by Undead Labs and published by Xbox Game Studios – which made it an Xbox and PC exclusive title. It introduced vast, open-world environments filled to the brim with bloodthirsty zombies, and charged the player with assuming control of several survivors attempting to build and fortify a base of their choosing, to ultimately ride out the apocalypse.

There were several features that made State of Decay more intense: once survivors died, they stayed dead, resources were finite and could be totally depleted, and most of the time, stealth was the order of the day.

In 2018, State of Decay 2 was released, offering more of the same.

Now, the third game is on the horizon, but unfortunately, not much is known about it – particularly how it’ll differ from the first two games. We’ve seen one trailer, which was released in 2020, and since then, Undead Labs has gone relatively silent regarding the project.

So, when is State of Decay 3 releasing?

Will State of Decay 3 Be on Game Pass When It Releases?

State of Decay 3 doesn’t have a release window at present. It doesn’t even have a year of release, let alone a launch window of any specific value. If you navigate to stateofdecay.com, you’ll be welcomed by an embedded player that reveals the 2020 announcement trailer, and nothing more – that’s how long it has been since the last update on the game.

Right now, zombie games – or associated apocalyptic games – are soaring in popularity. From the likes of Dead Island 2 to Dying Light 2, and from Redfall to STALKER 2, there are plenty of games that have either released or are releasing in this niche that have done remarkably well – and State of Decay 3 is expected to be the next big success.

There’s good news for those that are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, as when State of Decay 3 is released, it’ll be available on the service, on day one. As it’s an Xbox-exclusive title, it was almost destined to make an appearance on the popular subscription platform, right?

What Else Do We Know About State of Decay 3?

when is state of decay 3 releasing

There aren’t many people out there that can tell you much about State of Decay 3, but here’s what we know:

  • It’ll be set primarily in a wintery world, featuring heavy snow and cold-weather elements for the first time.
  • There are more infected creatures roaming the wasteland now, including zombified wildlife (deer, etc).
  • It’s being built in Unreal Engine 5, like many games these days, meaning it’ll look as good as it possibly can.
  • It’s expected to be another top-tier cooperative title, linking as many as four friends together to explore the apocalypse.

That’s about it! Now, you can go away happy (perhaps), knowing when State of Decay 3 is releasing (kind of) and knowing everything you need to about the game itself (which isn’t much).

It’s our hope that Undead Labs and Xbox Game Studios will reveal more in the very near future.

State of Decay 3 will be available on Xbox Series X|S and PC platforms – it’s not yet known if it’ll launch on Xbox One.