Dead Island 2 Hits 1M Sales, 1.1 Billion Zombies Dead

dead island 2

That’s right, you brutal people – you’ve collectively slayed 1.1 billion zombies in Dead Island 2 since the game was released last Friday. In a press release published by Deep Silver, it was revealed that Dead Island 2, the game that everyone waited for for a decade, hit the one million sales milestone in just three days.

In 2011, it took the first game, simply named ‘Dead Island’, an entire week to hit the one million sales mark. It took long enough for DI2 to be delivered, though – the first trailer dropped in 2014, and the game’s development project was passed from pillar to post in the years that followed.

It’s finally here, though – and it’s making waves… Bloody, gory waves.

Dead Island 2 Has Gone Platinum

It’s a remarkable thing, to notch up one million sales in the space of a single weekend. It’s a source of personal pride for Dambuster Studios, which despite having a prestigious background in the gaming industry, has only created one other game while flying the Dambuster banner, Homefront: Revolution.

Back in the day, Dambuster Studios (then Crytek UK and Free Radical) was responsible for the development of the Crysis franchise, Ryse: Son of Rome, and TimeSplitters.

It may have taken a while for Dambuster to produce another title, but it has been worth the wait. Now that Dead Island 2 has finally been released, fans are revelling in all the zombie-slaying action that the long-awaited game has to offer.

In the press release published on the Deep Silver website, it was revealed that one million copies were sold, and even more impressively, 1.1 billion zombies had been slain. Out of that 1.1 billion, a staggering 45 million of them were apparently cleaved in half.

But it hasn’t all been a massive, overwhelming loss for the side of the zombies, as players have apparently died a staggering 28 million times. So, around two dozen deaths per player on average?

Dead Island 2 is hopefully only just getting started – I for one would love to see the game expanded with additional content down the line.

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