Sony Reportedly Planning More Layoffs For PlayStation Studios, Including Insomniac

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Sony may be planning layoffs for various PlayStation studios, including Insomniac Games. The documents found also suggest there could be “one studio closure”.

The specific information, relayed originally by Kotaku, about Sony’s plans for PlayStation studios was discovered in documents from the extensive ransomware leak that targeted Insomniac Games.

Naturally, such harsh measures would likely involve a studio that has been underperforming. But the exact studio has not been confirmed at this time, leaving fans to speculate. Some key statements from the leaked documents were recently posted on Twitter by @PostUp_SOG.

Sony appears to be aiming for a reduction of at least 50 to 75 people at Insomniac with more broad layoffs across studios. Notably, the documents mention that “slimming down Ratchet and cutting new IP” wouldn’t be enough to achieve their goal.

This means that the broader layoffs could target just about anyone. That includes Insomniac Games itself, which is already caught up in dealing with the ransomware leaks.

“To remove 50-75 people strategically, our best option is to cut deeply into Wolverine and Spider-Man 3, replacing lower performers with team members from Ratchet and new IP,” a note attributed to Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price reads.

Some of Insomniac Games’ other future titles were recently leaked as part of the ransomware hack, including a full timeline of their planned games earlier this week.

There have been a series of devastating layoffs across the industry. This includes layoffs at Unity, as well as a variety of Embracer Group layoffs at studios like 3D Realms.

It’s a truly difficult time in the industry. Hopefully, now that Sony’s plans have come to light, Sony will make some sort of official announcement about their approach to layoffs at PlayStation.

Insider Gaming has reached out to Sony and Insomniac for comment on the reported layoff plans.

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  1. Just sell Bungie off to anyone and sell the minority stake in Epic Games to Tencent if anyone at Insomniac is laid off it should be Ted. If anything Sony should sell Sony Pictures off outside Spider-Man there’s no money.

    1. Yeah sony is spread too thin they need to specify what they want to be because they’re loosing money on multiple fronts playstation, anime which actually makes money but cost money too, music, electronics, tv, banking, and film. Instead of playstation they’re better off selling the tv and film division off keep crunchyroll and they could make an easy 10 billion or more instead of laying off gaming staff unlike that division playstation actually does well

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