Is Doom: The Dark Ages Coming to PlayStation?

Doom Guy Helmet
Image via Bethesda Softworks

Following the immense success of the reboot and Doom Eternal, it’s only a matter of time before id Software and Bethesda Softworks, with Microsoft at the helm, thrust us back into the frantic first-person shooter gameplay of Doom. We know that it’s coming. But is Doom: The Dark Ages coming to PlayStation 5 or PS4?

Will Doom: The Dark Ages Launch on PlayStation Consoles?

According to recent leaks, it’s confirmed that Doom: The Dark Ages will indeed launch on PlayStation 5, alongside Xbox Series X|S. We could safely assume that the upcoming Doom game will launch everywhere following Microsoft’s recent initiative to launch their first-party titles on all available systems, like Sea of Thieves on PlayStation 5.

The first-person shooter franchise, which started in 1993 on PC, continues to draw an impressive crowd with each release—especially since the reboot in 2016. Microsoft would typically capitalize on the series’ hype by launching on PC and Xbox consoles first and then later bringing the title to Sony fans worldwide. That doesn’t appear to be its plan, however. The team is committed to a multiplatform strategy moving forward!

What is Doom: The Dark Ages?

Currently, we know very little about the gameplay, story, or mechanics in the upcoming Doom: The Dark Ages. However, we know that we’ll see more at the Xbox Games Showcase on June 9, following the Summer Game Fest.

Furthermore, we know that the game is set in medieval times. We’ll likely see a future-meets-past ordeal, with everyone’s favorite Doom Guy transported back in time to deal with the forces of hell in a time of sword and shield. Will we use a sword or mace? Who knows! But hopefully, we can wreak havoc all the same!

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