Sea of Thieves Passes 40 Million Player Milestone

sea of thieves

Sea of Thieves is gearing up to launch on PlayStation at the end of the month, welcoming an entirely new community of players to the open seas. It was revealed today by Rare that Sea of Thieves has hit a monumental milestone, securing 40 million players across Xbox, Windows 10, and Steam since the game was released in 2018.

Smooth Sailing

In the recent blog post published to celebrate the milestone, Rare’s community team leant into the excitement of Sea of Thieves launching on PlayStation 5 in the coming weeks. The team spoke about the upcoming Gold & Glory Weekend, a limited-time event that’ll see players secure boosted Renown, which’ll help them carve through season eleven’s scoreboard.

Per the blog post, it’s thanks to the ongoing dedication of Rare that Sea of Thieves remains so popular. It still has a huge player base today, with many of those 40 million players refusing to drop anchor and call it quits:

That said, I also want to take this opportunity to offer heartfelt thanks to the team, who’ve worked so hard to deliver over a hundred free updates since launch and have plenty more excitement and innovation on the horizon. Season 12 is almost here, and the new additions like throwing knives and the Bone Caller are going to transform our sandbox yet again.

There’s no sign of the wind leaving Sea of Thieves’ sails yet. If you’re looking for a treasure of an open-world pirate title and are firmly locked in on PlayStation 5, keep a weather eye on the horizon – it launches on PS5 on April 30.

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