Can You Play Skull and Bones Offline? – Answered

Skull and Bones Multiplayer
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I fully understand that many don’t want to interact with another player after a long day. It’s just a grievance you may not need in your life. With Ubisoft’s pirate adventure, sailing the high seas doesn’t require PvP, but you’ll still spot other players on your journey. So, can you play Skull and Bones offline instead?

Can You Play Skull and Bones Offline?

Unfortunately, you cannot play Skull and Bones offline, as there is no genuine single-player game mode included in the game. This, sadly, makes a lot of sense considering the number of microtransactions and the live-service elements included in the title at launch. Ubisoft wants you in their ecosystem, playing online, where you have an opportunity to pay cash for a cosmetic item for your ship or to customize your crew.

Honestly, it doesn’t make much sense besides the desire to sell you items as to why you can’t play Skull and Bones in single-player without connecting to the internet. You rarely, if ever, interact with another player. They may occasionally join you as you plunder a settlement, and a single PvP game mode, Cargo Rush, is included on release day. Overall, it’s a solitary experience besides the occasional glimpse at another player’s ship passing you by.

Does Skull and Bones Have a Single-Player Campaign?

Not in the traditional sense, no. Skull and Bones will feature a primary storyline in which you work alongside John Scurlock, the lord of all Pirates in and around Sainte-Anne, before inevitably branching off and building your empire of sorts. However, the story itself feels sidelined in comparison to everything else. It’s not an integral role in the gameplay.

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  1. Seriously, what’s the scam here. I have paid £62 for the game. I’ve installed it. But I can’t bypass the request for a subscription. This can’t be right. Please can someone tell me how to play the game without a subscription?

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