How to Plunder Settlements in Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones Plunder Settlements
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You’re a pirate. You’re sailing the high seas and spot a ripe settlement with gold, silk, and fur to plunder. Launching an attack and taking it for everything they’re worth is in your nature, right? In Skull and Bones, you can plunder settlements so long as you’re strong enough to defeat their defenses and hold back their reinforcements. Here’s how to do both!

How to Plunder in Skull and Bones

To plunder settlements in Skull and Bones, or even a massive fort with all of its cannons and defensive walls, sail forth until you’re within range and hold down the interact button. On a controller, which is how Skull and Bones plays best, it’s the ‘X’ button.

Once you initiate a plunder, be ready and wary, however. It won’t be long until reinforcements arrive, assuming the settlement doesn’t have ships docked nearby awaiting such an assault.

Some settlements, especially the larger cities, have towers with cannons that can accurately reach and strike your ship. I recommend remaining on the move while staying within the plunder radius. If you leave the circle, the game provides a short timer urging you to return and finish the job. You must take out the defensive towers for these large settlements before you can loot the city. For small settlements, only boats stand in your way.

The reinforcements will likely be around your level as they start flowing in. I saw one or two that were a level higher, but for the most part, they were equal with my ship and player level. It isn’t tough to deal with them as they rush forward into the fray with reckless abandon.

Furthermore, you’ll note a bar at the top of your HUD. This is the plunder progress bar, and you’ll receive your rewards as it fills up. They drop into the ocean on a dinghy, and you’ll want to loot them before moving along.

Rewards for Plundering in Skull and Bones

As for those rewards, you’ll receive plenty of Silver, some rare resources, and anything you can loot from the corpses of the reinforcement vessels you sink along the way. It’s easy to walk away with one thousand Silver from a small settlement and enough resources to craft various Furniture or Cannons.

After a brief cooldown period, you can plunder the same settlement again for additional rewards. But as you do, you will aggravate the faction, and they’ll actively turn hostile and hunt you across the high seas!

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