Skull And Bones – Brokered Ground Quest Guide

The Brokered Ground quest comes after completing the first few quests at Sainte-Anne, since you now have Scurlock’s trust. So much so that he is entrusting you to complete a very important mission for him. Here’s the guide on the Brokered Ground Quest in Skull and Bones.

Unfortunately, there has been talk that his enemies are conspiring to undermine his business. He wants to smuggle weapon caches to the sea people in exchange for information.

It’s up to you to find out what’s happening for Scurlock. During this quest you will simultaneously increase your pirate reputation in Sainte-Anne.

Vorona Falls: Sea People Merchant

Looking at your map, you will head West to Vorona Falls. It will be on the next major land formation. If you lose your way, simply look at the mission marker at the top of your screen.

This will be the Clan of Fara military camp outpost. Here, you must bribe the Sea People to get reports on Scurlock’s enemies.

Upon docking at Vorona Falls, follow the path and speak with the Sea People along the way. Your mission marker will be shown above their heads. The first person you come to is the Sea People Merchant. Look in your inventory and utilize the Weapon Cache to bribe them for information.

When you initiate conversation with her, select the Brokered Ground contract to the left of the screen. She will give you a Fara Trade Manifest claiming it will help.

Tamby Foundry

Following having receiving the Fara Trade Manifest from the Sea People Merchant, take a look at your map and follow the mission marker. You will notice it is Northeast of Rova Hill. It is a small settlement focused on gathering and refining raw metals.

There is no need to dock. Once you approach Tamby Foundry then interact with them to buy or sell. The available contracts will be to the left of your screen and you will click Brokered Ground.

You will then receive a Compagnie Trade Route Report which will help with the information Scurlock requested you collect.

Lanitra: Sea People Huntmaster

You will see the next mission marker will be at Lanitra. This is a Sea People trading post and military camp. Head to this outpost and dock.

You must speak with the Sea People Huntmaster who will be located at the water’s edge. As before, when you begin speaking with him, select the Brokered Ground mission on your left. Finally, he will give you a Shipping Manifest.

Report Back To Scurlock

After receiving the Shipping Manifest at Lanitra, head back to Sainte-Anne and speak with Scurlock. You can choose to ask questions about Lanitra or turn in the quest.

When you turn in the quest, he will notice there’s a trade deal between the French and Fara. He will express his confusion on the Fara making a deal with the French and wonder what else is on the table for them.

Afterward, he will tell you the alliance threatens everything and must be ended. You can choose to tell him that you’ll kill all the French agents or you’ll cut a deal with the Clan of Fara.

If you choose to tell him you’ll kill all the French agents, he will admit he’d love to see that but it will only delay an agreement. He wants to cut deeper and tells you that once he’s done dealing with his agents, he will have more work for you.


Once you have completed this quest, you will receive a Scoping Station. There can only be one major furniture on the ship and the Scoping Station will allow targets with the marked status to take 100% more damage to weak points.

You will also receive 240 silver and a Rogue Swabbie Set. The Rogue Swabbie Set are clothes once worn by Scurlock’s fallen captains.

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