Where to Find the Autonomous Staryard in Starfield

Starfield Autonomous Staryard
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

You’ll stumble upon all manner of points of interest (POI) in Starfield, with plenty of procedural generation and handmade content in almost every star system. One such POI is the Autonomous Staryard, and despite its name, you can’t use it as a staryard. The interior, however, houses plenty of challenges to tackle, and here is where to find the Autonomous Staryard in Starfield!

How to Find the Autonomous Staryard in Starfield

To find the Autonomous Staryard in Starfield, travel to the Volii Star System, the same star system where you’ll discover Neon, but travel to the small moon of Volii Psi. It orbits Volii Tau and is a barren, deep-freeze moon with Iron and Helium-3. But what’s more interesting is the abandoned space station hovering above the planet’s surface.

As you approach, you’ll note the staryard is quiet and cold. There is no distress beacon, no incoming traffic, and it’s tough to tell whether there’s any life on the station. But once you land, everything becomes immediately apparent.

Something went wrong. The robots have gone berserk, immediately targeting you and any other humans on the station, killing everyone. You must fight your way through the various sentries, a few turrets, and some maintenance bots to unlock the loot chest at the very end of the POI.

It’s important to note, I feel, that enemies scale to your level. As such, this POI doesn’t offer much of a challenge, besides the turrets that ambush you in an elevator section near the end.

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What’s Inside the Autonomous Staryard in Starfield?

Inside the Autonomous Staryard, along with the numerous robots to fight, you’ll find a handful of valuable loot. I managed to scoop up a bunch of various ammunition types, a few digipicks, a couple of credit sticks, and plenty of resources.

I even found a unique piece of armor in the loot chest at the end. It’s not amazing by any standards. But hey, I can still sell off the space suit for a tidy sum to fund my adventures elsewhere.

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