Bethesda Promises Big Things For Starfield in 2024

starfield 2024 changes

As we approach the end of 2023, Bethesda Game Studios has offered a mighty update and a look-ahead for one of the biggest games of the year – Starfield. In a blog post detailing the game’s performance and what’s to come, Bethesda has given the 13 million people who have played Starfield so far a glimpse of what’s arriving in the space-faring RPG epic in 2024.

It’s quite a lot, and it’ll be following the cadence that Bethesda Game Studios previously outlined: one major update every six weeks or so.

What’s Coming to Starfield in 2024?

In the Bethesda blog post, it was stressed that these major updates will start rolling out in February, giving 2024 a chance to settle in before Starfield starts seeing some epic changes.

These updates will include things we were already informed about, such as new cities, fresh ways to travel, and some enhanced gameplay options and accessibility features. That includes customisable difficulty options that empower a player to tweak the game to suit their exact playstyle.

Outside of those elements, Bethesda also touched on the launch of Creations, which will bring the Creation Kit to modders the world over, encouraging tech-savvy gamers to experiment with Starfield and create to their heart’s content. That’ll be deployed side-by-side with huge upgrades and changes to the ship-building feature, bringing more decorations and options to the game.

BGS also confirmed that the team is ‘hard at work on the development of Shattered Space’, which is the first (and at the moment, only) story expansion for Starfield. This is set to be released in 2024 and it’ll bring new story content, locations, gear, ‘and much more’ to the game, but at present, nobody has a clue what it is.

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