Skull And Bones – New Beginnings Quest Guide

You will receive the New Beginnings quest after meeting with John Scurlock. You will learn that you have to increase your reputation around Sainte-Anne. However, this won’t be as simple as it sounds. Here’s a guide on the New Beginnings Quest in Skull and Bones.

You must go on a few various quests, each one increasing your reputation a little at a time. Eventually, you will finally earn the respect you deserve as a pirate.

These tasks are fairly straight forward but necessary if you want to succeed in the game. While some quests may seem tedious, they will be worth it in the end.

Building Your Fleet

To build your fleet, you must first speak with the Shipwright. The Shipwright won’t be far from Scurlock.

The Shipwright should be located straight ahead from Scurlock’s location, over the bridge, then the second on your left. He will be one over from the Carpenter.

When he asks why you are there, you can either say you want to rule the seas or prove your worth. If you tell him you want to prove your worth, he will give you some advice before telling you that he can build you a great ship. This will be the first step in the New Beginnings quest.

Once you accept the Tools of the Trade quest, you can begin gathering materials for your new ship. As a pirate, you will be judged on your appearance as well as your ship, which is why you need quality in both.

After you finish speaking with the Shipwright, head over to the Carpenter next door. He will tell you what materials are needed for the next quest.

After collecting the materials and meeting with the Shipwright again, you will officially have a ship. A few other tasks you will have to do to complete this mission includes Unwelcome Aboard and Dressed To Kill. Luckily, these are pretty straight forward quests that shouldn’t take you long at all.

You must also complete another mission for John Scurlock called Brokered Ground. This should officially prove your worth as a pirate by smuggling weapon caches to the sea people to gain information about Scurlock’s enemies who are conspiring to undermine his business.

These various missions will help build your reputation among the pirate community so you can work on building your fleet. Everything combined should help you finally complete the New Beginnings quest.

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