How to Use Sons of the Forest Console Commands

Sons of the Forest Cannibal Attack
Image via Endnight Games

There is a lot of fun to be had in Sons of the Forest. You could leave. But if you want to endure the horrors of yet another lost island, with cannibal cults and creatures from the depths of hell, then hey, why not use console commands to make life easier? Here is how to use Sons of the Forest console commands and some of the most useful ones you should learn!

How to Use Console Commands in Sons of the Forest

To activate console commands in Sons of the Forest, access the game’s chat and type in “cheatstick.” It’s all one word. Once you finish typing and hit ‘enter,’ tap F1 on your keyboard to see if the console opens up. If it does, then great; you now have access to all of the console commands in the game. If not, type it again, restart your game, and repeat the process.

Unlike in various Bethesda titles, such as Starfield, using console commands in Sons of the Forest does not turn off the game’s achievements. That said, things may change as the game’s development progresses.

A Few Useful Sons of the Forest Console Commands

Once you have access to the console, you can use the following useful commands to make your game a tad bit easier:

addallitemsAdds every item in the game to the player’s inventory.
setstrengthlevelsetstrengthlevel 50Alters the player’s strength level to 50, including health points.
seasonseason spring
season summer
season autumn
season winter
Changes the season to the desired one.
Invisibleinvisible on
invisible off
Turns the player invisible to all enemies.
godmodegodmode on
godmode off
Turns on godmode, making you fully invincible to all damage.
instantbookbuildinstantbookbuild on
instantbookbuild off
Instantly build anything selected within the build book.
aidisableaidisable on
aidisable off
Removes all AI from the game.
spawnitemspawnitem 363 50Spawns 50 cases of Shotgun Slugs.
addallstoryitemsAdd every story-centric item to your inventory.
addcharacteraddcharacter robby [#]Spawns a defined number of Kelvins.

Many of these will make the game significantly more manageable; some are purely for convenience. For instance, automatically building any item from the build menu is infinitely useful. Or, removing all AI from the game allows you to turn Sons of the Forest into a serene survival game set in the wilderness.

Using console commands is a personal choice, so don’t let anyone tell you how to have fun in your game!

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