Sons of the Forest Now Has a Hard(er) Mode

sons of the forest

Sons of the Forest has now been out (in Early Access, at least) for a full three-month period – and it’s still doing really well. In the most recent update, Endnight added a bunch of new features, including a ‘first pass’ at a more hardcore survival mode, stone buildings and constructs, and dozens of fixes, amendments, and changes.

It’s encouraging to see Endnight pouring so much attention into this sandbox horror survival title, and the fans are certainly still there, ready and waiting to receive whatever comes next. In recent weeks, plenty has been added to the game, from vehicles and weapons to new areas, missions, collectables, and building blueprints.

And the road has only just started.

Make Sons of the Forest Even Harder

Let’s be honest – Sons of the Forest was already a challenging game. From cannibals that swarm your camp and dash it to pieces with a few swings to hunger, thirst, and tiredness mechanics, there’s a lot to manage. There are weather systems to contend with, dark and foreboding caves to explore, and even some aggressive wildlife to battle against.

In the latest update – the sixth since the game dropped in February (and promptly sold two million copies in a 24-hour window) – developer Endnight has added ‘hard survival difficulty mode’. There are also more stone pick-ups and the newfound ability to craft stone buildings which should hold up a bit better against the cannibals roaming the world.

It’s worth checking out the full set of patch notes as there are many balances and optimisations to read through – and this is a regular thing. This is just the beginning for Sons of the Forest.

On Steam, we can see that Sons of the Forest peaked at 414,000 players when the game launched, and at the time of publishing, the 24-hour peak sat at 14,220. That’s not a bad level, and there have been upticks in player counts every time a new update drops.

It’s going to be interesting to see where Sons of the Forest goes from here – personally, I’m still enjoying it, and it’s still a gorgeous game.

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