Phantom Blade Zero To Feature 40-Hour Story, Multiplayer, and a Semi-Open World

phantom blade zero

Phantom Blade Zero almost stole the show during the recent PlayStation event, with developer S-GAME dropping a lengthy trailer that stunned the audience – in a good way. In the showcase, we saw intense, fast-paced combat, gargantuan enemies, and a gorgeous but foreboding environment that served as a promise of great things to come.

Now, in a Q&A about Phantom Blade Zero, S-GAME has cleared up several points of interest, confirming several things about the upcoming semi-open world adventure.

Phantom Blade Zero Will Be Big

It was confirmed by S-GAME that Phantom Blade Zero’s primary story path will take ’30 to 40 hours’ to complete in full. By comparison, it takes around 50 hours to complete Elden Ring’s main story path. However, it won’t end there, as S-GAME confirmed that there will be ‘several side quests’, as well as a ‘wealth of endgame content’ that includes multiplayer (multiplayer!) dungeons and some roguelike missions.

Thanks to TwistedVoxel for the Q&A summary.

S-GAME also addressed some concerns that arose following the release of the high-octane trailer during the PlayStation Showcase. Specifically, it stated that the combat sequences shown in the trailer were captured in-engine, but there were more cinematic angles used than would be available in the full game. When Phantom Blade Zero releases, it’ll be more stable and offer a better field of view to avoid dizziness and motion sickness.

Here’s the trailer that was shown during the PlayStation Showcase:

Like other games in its class, Phantom Blade Zero will feature a semi-open world environment that negates the need to travel vast distances while also providing the player with a non-linear approach to the game itself.

Reportedly, work on Phantom Blade Zero began in 2017, but it was in 2022 that the game entered a core development cycle with just three people working on it. It’s expected that the team has been expanded by now, but not to the point where a release date can be confidently confirmed.

S-GAME stated that Phantom Blade Zero will be a multi-platform title, but there’s absolutely no information on when it’ll launch.

Are you eager to see what the delivery of Phantom Blade Zero looks like, or are you tired of Soulslike games?

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