Former DICE Dev Says Battlefield 2042 “Never Stood Much Chance Being Great At Launch”

A former DICE developer, who worked at the developer for 13 years before leaving DICE recently took to Twitter to say that Battlefield 2042 “never stood much of a chance at being great at launch”.

The ex-Senior Software Engineer at DICE (now at Epic Games as a Senior Backend Engineer) said that the game had “many iterations”, and the “deadline never changed much”.

Early leaks during Battlefield 2042’s development, which originated from myself on a now terminated Twitter user outlined the game’s huge destructibility, weather events, and more. Unfortunately, those details did not come to fruition.

It wasn’t until a couple of months after the game’s launch that it was learned that those details were from internal pitches of the game, which pained Battlefield 2042 in a different light and is likely one of those “many iterations” that Bodin mentions.

Originally believed to be a Battle Royale, Battlefield 2042 changed direction multiple times during its development. Internal documents from a year before release showed the game in a different light, too. With major weather events including tsunamis, volcanoes erupting, and so forth.

You can see a 30-minute long video on the development of Battlefield 2042 on my YouTube channel.

As for the future of the Battlefield franchise, EA CEO Andrew Wilson finally broke the silence on questions surrounding Battlefield, saying that the franchise will return in an “entirely new way”.

Battlefield’s leadership team now consists of former Call of Duty boss Byron Beede and Respawn Entertainment’s Vince Zampella. In addition, Rebecka Coutaz will head up the Swedish studio DICE, with Christian Grass leading the studio at Ripple Effect. Alex Seropian, who co-created Halo, will remain the boss at Battlefield Mobile studio Industrial Toys. Earlier this year, Battlefield Veteran Lars Gustavsson, AKA Mr Battlefield recently left DICE to form his own studio TTK Games.

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  1. EHHHHH… I find this to be amateur, at BEST. How can a developer of a series, that not only revolutionized the genre of open world fps shooters, but also revolutionized the impact a game can have once the proper updates are released. Also, based on the fact that the battlefield series has been played out development to the max, and the fan base expect, like my best friend told me, you expect the game to only be as good as the last when it comes out, because the last game was MAXXED. The fluidity is good, the run style feels very similar to Bad Company 2, where you run hard, and then slow spray aim, which is opposite of COD playstyle, where you run hard and then snap aim. Regardless, every battlefield that has come out always has my intentions, and the only correct idea that this developer had, that any merit, is the game was put out, playstyle wise, incorrectly. What I Mean is, the graphics are great, but how the game plays on Next-Gen systems, it is too fluent to hit and keep spraying with hits, once you fire. Although, the developer failed to realize, this doesn’t hurt the game, it actually helps, it the sense making the game easier for newcomers, and more fluid for pros, which in the end makes it difficult and more challenging as a whole. They could have easily tones down the graphics tweaks in the game, and made the graphics looks and feel the same, with a less fluent spray patters. Regardless, the developer needs to not bash the people who sign his check, and realize why there’s a “former” next to his name, when it comes to Dice DEV TEAM.

  2. DICE/EA lost all goodwill they built up over the previous 15 years, BF’s slow decline since EA bought DICE reached a nadir on BF2042 launch. Game wasn’t even close to being ready, but much worse than bugs and missing features and content, was the contempt they had for the community around the game philosophy and design.

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