Optimus Prime Fortnite Skin Shown in Leaked Key Art

fortnite optimus prime skin

In what is being claimed as leaked key art for the upcoming Chapter 4, Season 3 update, an Optimus Prime Fortnite skin has been revealed. Not only that but three other skins have been uncovered, including a Meowscles sporting a mullet, a tech-punk girl, and some kind of explorer character.

The image, which has reportedly leaked from the next season of Fortnite, also shows a swamp theme, a new flintlock-style pistol, and a character riding on what looks like a raptor.

Is Optimus Prime Coming to Fortnite?

It might seem a little odd, introducing an Optimus Prime Fortnite skin – particularly given the character’s size. However, it seems that this is what’s coming in the battle pass for Chapter 4, Season 3, alongside a host of other skins and characters.

In the reportedly leaked image, which was posted on Reddit, we see an Optimus Prime that stands just as tall as a regular man – he’s a shrunken-down version of the popular transforming character, but that isn’t likely to hinder his performance. At present, it’s all assumptions, but Optimus Prime’s Fortnite skin could feature a transformation emote that allows players to become a truck for a period of time.

It’s expected that Season 3 will expand on the earthquakes that have been ongoing for a while. This was a theory put forward by FortniteNews.com based on imagery released by Nintendo ahead of Season 3’s debut.

Chapter 4, Season 3 will commence on the 9th or 10th of June, 2023.

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