Battlefield Will Return in an “Entirely New Way”, Says CEO

During EA’s latest earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson finally broke the silence on questions surrounding Battlefield, saying that the franchise will return in an “entirely new way”.

Speaking in the latest investor call, Wilson surprisingly dropped Battlefield a number of times, reassuring and installing confidence in investors in the franchise. Wilson said throughout that the team has the “ability to bring Battlefield back in an entirely new way in the future.” (via GamesRadar+)

During the calls Q&A segment, where investors asked questions regarding projects, Wilson was asked how the company’s Battlefield franchise was progressing. Whilst Wilson said that the company didn’t have any date announcements, he said that he had “extraordinary confidence” in the new Battlefield leadership team following a recent call.

Battlefield’s leadership team now consists of former Call of Duty boss Byron Beede and Respawn Entertainment’s Vince Zampella. In addition, Rebecka Coutaz will head up the Swedish studio DICE, with Christian Grass leading the studio at Ripple Effect. Alex Seropian, who co-created Halo, will remain the boss at Battlefield Mobile studio Industrial Toys. Earlier this year, Battlefield Veteran Lars Gustavsson, AKA Mr Battlefield recently left DICE to form his own studio TTK Games.

Battlefield 2042 was a spectacular failure when it launched in November 2021, with fans criticizing the game’s lack of content, unpolished gameplay, and creative choices that took away the franchise’s identity. Since launch though, DICE has been hard at work rectifying the issues. From polishing the game to bringing back the Battlefield class system, the game is a long way from where it was at launch.

The updates haven’t been enough for some players though, which the official Battlefield account having to recently provide a statement in regards to players harassing its developers.

What do you think of Battlefield 2042 now and do you think Battlefield can make a return?

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    1. 2042 was my first time playing a battlefield game and it will be my last bc it was a disaster. Never again buying. Whole reason i bought it was for the “new” aspect and like you said if they deliver games like that promising “new” then im out.

  1. I now enjoy battlefield 2042,it’s nowhere near as great as bf3 the subway map was fab and the big maps with cover from sniper campers.

  2. Community (for many years now): Please, EA, make a new Battlefield which comes close to BF3/BF4

    EA: We will give you something entirely new.

    Also EA: We habe understood. We hear you.

    I don’t think so…

  3. Sure cause “NEW” worked so well for 2042. Maybe this means theyll stop trying to make Battlefield of Duty.

  4. Entirely new way better include hardcore/some attempt at storymode/more destructible environment because I miss those

  5. My friends and I were talking about this last night. The last real Battlefield as we know it was BF4. Losing control over servers, moving to WW1 and then 2 with no dedicated servers, no Hardcore and the current disaster (2042). All because people wanted to change a winning formula. This all contributed to the franchises downfall. We came to the conclusion the only thing that could save it was to go backwards, give us BFBC 3, continue the story, keep the classic multiplayer formula, give the rented servers back and give control back to the community.

  6. I have been a diehard BF fanatic since day 1.
    My 40th birthday cake was made by sister in law as an xbox one with controller and a BF2 Bad Company printed onto rice papee as a disc lol.
    When I 1st played BF2042 I was so shocked at what it wasnt.
    It just wasnt BF.
    After 2 hrs never played again till begining of this year.
    Well DICE…amazing. The effort and time and thought you have put into turning this around is stratospheric. Finally a company that listens and responds with 100% more than asked for.
    This is now BF and each week I cant wait to attack the new challenges and earn my Bpass goodies.
    Well done guys.

  7. On release Battlefield 2042 just didn’t give me the Battlefield feels I’ve grown to enjoy. Completely dropped it and never looked back… until about 2 months ago. Buddy of mine said they’ve done some serious changes; loaded it up and now for the past 2 months I just can’t get enough!!! Absolutely loving the game and it definitely feels like Battlefield again.

  8. They will likely continue to try and make BF more like Apex/Fortnite/CoD and it will continue to disappoint. Bringing in all the Apex/CoD managers isn’t exactly confidence inspiring. One of them is literally the guy who ushered in the end of community servers on CoD. Battlefield died a slow and painful death already.

  9. Best Battlefield game ever for me was Battlefield 1 based in the WW1 era super amazing game checks all the marks complete masterpiece of a game. Second comes Battlefield 3

  10. Anyone that buys EA products are getting scammed and anyone who defends them is a mule.

  11. Confidence in the team? I have nothing against them personally, but this is the same team that refuses to give squad leaders back their ability to kick players from their squad. It’s been a part of squads for as far as I can remember, and the players want it. Their justification to exclude it is to provide a safer space for all players, when most (if not all) want the feature back! They’re clearly choosing their own ideals over what their customers want. Are there any Devs/Staff advocating for what the players want!? If so, speak louder please!! This doesn’t look good for the home team.

  12. I honestly should get my money back all of it. I’ve played less than eight hours of the game because it totally took a different turn from battlefield 3 & 4 you never could add any of your friends join with him or anything it was just trash complete trash I don’t think I’ll ever buy another battlefield game

  13. Entirely new way should not include bring back the class system. Otherwise it’s not entirely new.

  14. Entirely new way should not include bringing back the class system. Otherwise it’s not entirely new.

  15. Heard it all before! Wasted £70 on bf2042. I won’t spend anymore with Ea.
    Plenty of other games that are way better.

  16. Battlefield games have been getting worst and worst.
    The last good one they made was battlefield 3! Go back to what works ffs! And if you can’t do that, remaster and re-release battlefield 3!

    You don’t have to go down the battle royal route to be popular. Robots, aliens, or zombies on one of your many maps would be epic! Everyone would play that shit… my mum . Your mum… their mothers… you get the picture.

    Do better.

  17. Its was so simple. BF 1 was perfect. Sounds. Maps. Balance. Just what BF V needed. Or perhaps a BCIII environment. Nope. 2043 updates after release its not close to Battlefield still. Not team based. No [clan] tags. All the friends have left because of everything that made BF once great. Its a wannebee superhero game for solo players Who do not communicate. A useless peace of crap.

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