Battlefield’s Community Goes to War As EA Warns Against Harassment

battlefield 2042

It seems that Battlefield 2042 still hasn’t died the death it has been on the verge of since the moment it launched, and the Battlefield community almost reluctantly driving it forward is stewing in its own anger and disappointment.

Recently, EA’s channels went live on social media with a message warning toxic members of the Battlefield community away from harassing its development teams. These posts explained that devs are being harassed on social media, and this is because of decisions being made, the future of Battlefield, and because – quite simply – there are millions of fans that were made miserable by the relative destruction of the franchise back in 2021.

But let’s get it straight – harassing developers on social media is absolutely in no way, shape or form the vibe.

Battlefield Needs To Regain or Forever Fade Away

Recently, EA’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, explained in an investor call that Battlefield is going to return ‘in an entirely new way’, and for some reason, that seemed to be an inflammatory comment among those in the Battlefield community burned by 2042’s failure. For the most part, it’s because that’s what was said before 2042 launched – and it was arguably one of the worst launches in recent gaming history.

At this point, players are desperate for a return to the ‘better days’ of Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4, often referred to as the heyday of the franchise – the pinnacle of the series that, as of yet, hasn’t even come close to being replicated.

Bizarrely, the news that developers are being harassed comes as Battlefield 2042 is being improved over time. It’s nothing monumental, but changes are being made to make the game at least somewhat playable, and it’s a trend that has been growing for at least a year. Despite that growth, Electronic Arts’ social media teams still felt the need to release the statement:

There’s absolutely nothing to be gained from harassing developers, but some angsty, twisted-up gamers feel the need to be heard or to vent their frustrations.

Recently, the Head of Respawn Entertainment, Vince Zampella, took to the airwaves to explain that he’s got a mission to ‘save Battlefield’. He stated that he’s in the process of turning around the franchise, and at present, there’s an all-new single-player Battlefield title being developed by Dice and Ridgeline Games that should be a return to form for the franchise.

He admitted that there’s still a lot that can be done with the franchise, but is it too little, too late?

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  1. Well I believe that harassing anyone for a video game is ridiculous and needsbto serve jail time there is no excuse for harassment if it’s a bad game it’s a bad game period no need for hateful speech towards no one

  2. They are subject to being judge it’s the price to pay for producing a low budget product that wasn’t finished when released. What a horrible blog almost saying it’s okay to release games in that state, unfortunately that’s the way we are heading lazy lazy people trying to produce triple A titles.

  3. Of course the writer of the article is licking the corporate boots, and simping for his overlords.

    The whiney devs shouldn’t work for the devil if they don’t want any blowback. It’s not like this is the first time EA has forced them to look bad; just not THIS bad. They knew EXACTLY what they were getting themselves into, and EA just LOVES to use them as the distraction for their HORRIBLE mismanagement.

    EA = Electric Assassins. This won’t be the first IP those turds have killed.

  4. It was in a bad state performance wise when it came out, particularly for those on last gen. Artistically I respected their vision, but was disappointed by the choice of excluding BF staple features. Harassing can be summed up in one word. Sad! And it’s only representative of the individual doing the harassing. Adversely, there are some very poor decisions being made regarding the game that so many people have love for and hold in high regard. It’s hard to remain enthusiastic. Having a single player campaign is great, but in no way a bandaid for the current choices regarding BF multiplayer.

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