Vince Zampella Talks New Projects and Saving Battlefield

vince zampella

In an interview with Axios, Vince Zampella – the Head of Respawn Entertainment – opened up regarding the next set of projects his teams are working on, and the efforts being made by EA’s studios to ‘save’ Battlefield.

Respawn is in remarkable shape at the moment. It was just days ago that the firm released Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and since 2019, the team has overseen the ongoing development of Apex Legends. Presently, Respawn is working on ‘at least’ two new Star Wars games, a new strategy title, and an all-in-house shooter.

But it doesn’t end there.

Vince Is Doing It All

In the interview with Axios, Vince Zampella proceeded to get a lot off his chest. He divulged information regarding the future of Titanfall, stressing that there’s no sequel being worked on right now, but the series’ director, a veteran by the name of Steve Fukuda, is heading up a strategic team focused on creating ‘something new’.

When the talk turned to Battlefield, Zampella reiterated that he’s essentially in charge of ‘turning around’ the now-disappointing and underperforming franchise. Once upon a time, Zampella founded Infinity Ward, going on to birth the Call of Duty franchise – but only after working on Medal of Honor.

Zampella has quite literally done everything in the shooter space, but he’s not finished yet, particularly where Battlefield is concerned.

While we already knew that Battlefield’s battle plan going forward consisted of bringing in the likes of Ridgeline Games to bolster DICE’s efforts to create a new single-player title, Zampella expanded further on what’s needed to help the franchise recover. He spoke about the ‘Battlefield moments where you can kind of see something come together where it just blows your mind,’ stating quite clearly that there’s ‘a lot that we can do there’ with what currently exists.

There are plenty of miles in the road ahead for Vince Zampella.

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  1. I have an idea… Larger maps that span entire regions with air and ground forces using actual physics. Many of these tank and airplane games out there have evolved and just are simply better leaving battlefield vehicle play as less satisfying. That way we could take advantage of advances in hardware for larger battles with more people. Battlefield is still one of the most advanced FPS’s out there.

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