How to Solve Helldivers 2 Unable to Establish Connection Error

Helldivers 2 Super Explosions
Image via Arrowhead Game Studios

With so much hype surrounding the game, there is little worse than dealing with the Helldivers 2 unable to establish connection error. It’s a plague on your relaxation time after work or school. But it’s not the end of the world, as many within the community have discovered a handful of fixes and workarounds. Here they are!

How to Fix the Helldivers 2 Unable to Establish Connection Error

With an overwhelming number of Helldivers attempting to cleanse the galaxy’s planets of the bug menace, it’s no surprise that so many face connection issues. It’s a terrible error to experience, no matter your system, and one that the studio is working tirelessly to resolve.

In the meantime, here are a few fixes for the unable to establish connection error in Helldivers 2:

  • First and foremost, check the game’s server status by visiting the official Twitter account or joining the game’s Discord, where they often post about server outages or maintenance.
  • Disable Crossplay, as the connection between two systems occasionally leads to complications. You can select this option from the settings menu, or on the PS5, navigate to “Account and Network” and turn Crossplay to “Off.”
  • Close out and restart Helldivers 2 completely. On PC, you may need to open the Task Manager to ensure there are no additional instances of the game or its anti-cheat software running in the background.

The last and final fix is to patiently wait for developer Arrowhead Game Studios to release a fix for the game’s numerous connection errors. The third-person shooter enjoyed overwhelming support from the community, making it the best-selling game on Steam for a short period this month.

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